2018 – A-V Installation / Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Where I Stop is From Where I Travel (Stages of Stages)

An audio-visual installation which questions the 
place of the 'sacred space', the traditional (theatre) 
stage versus the public space, the back stage, on stage, 
off stage and the visitor as a performer and perceiver.

Every day, the installation - which fits into 
the possibilities of the room - changes a few times.
It is a free and rather rough composition of the 
participating elements. This transformation, or 
language of the structure, is being documented in 
intervals by a fixed go-pro camera.

Contents -
- 5 ear protections (/so-called head phones), tape, 
chalk, glass and acrylic paint.
- A collection of big wooden shapes/cut-outs of black 
multiplex wood, that imitate and go along with the 
shadows at different times of the day and the already 
existing architecture of a specific room. 
- Wooden black multiplex-copies of the existing 
black window bars.


When we enter the stage, we enter a defined situation.
Is it a ‘sacred space’? 
Where are the borders of this place? 
When and where does the 'sacred' start,
and where does it end?
Who am I in this situation?
Am I the observer, the artist, the shaman,
the performer?
Am I none of them?
Am I all?
What is going on here?

How do I relate to this place?
What do I see, what do I hear?
Is there a performance going on,
a lecture, a sound to be listened at?
To what extent do I take part, or not?
What is my role?
Where is my freedom of choice or
Where is the freedom to express myself?
Am I taking some things for granted?