Artist Statement 2018

Risk seems necessary for an artwork to take place. 
I believe it has to do with allowing what we cannot 
control. In between non-control and control, my role 
is to create a chaos to be guided and framed - 
or the opposite - a frame within which chaos 
may survive. 

When allowing freedom into my practice, things 
happen almost by themselves - where I am in 
dialogue with them. For me, it always comes down to 
a certain musicality and composition. My works tend 
to question the situation and space where 'it' 
may take place. 

Coming from contemporary dance and improvisation, 
my work is space-, body- and sensorial- related. 
Imprinted in me feels dealing with architecture from 
a dance perspective, using 'what is already there'. 
Now, the room is performing.