Artist Statement #101

Allow for transformation.

We are heading towards a central vessel of spiralling darkness. It is light. The darkness is light, but it seems heavy. Light and heavy and dark and cold and warm and heavy and light. It appears in fragments. One closer to the other. Taktaktak. Closer and a bit more apart. One time, that blows the mind into a thousand fields, multiplied by Umber. Aha. But it is not the time that matters.

It’s the size.

What have we done to ourselves? In these interesting times I believe offending is all right, harming is definitely not. To be absolutely clear; selling is none of my business, but going out there, doing ‘it’ for the sake of experimenting and – perhaps being able to see to which extent I am still asleep.

The disgustingly pleasing and lame is a tool to fool as we all came here to have a good laugh. Laughter, again, brings us back to togetherness and puts forward the serious question – ‘What is this all about?’. I move in between, to and thro, from the shaman to the joker, using art to grasp the core of my existence. The fascination for phenomena, the circular and trans(formative), brings me to deal with the most basic things that may touch our perception – rhythm, whiskey and Madonna.

My work twists around big themes of birth and death as well as intense physical experiences. Clear visions, so-called nonsense and detailed dreams manifest into drawings and sketches and I build cryptic temples using lightness and darkness. From a dance perspective, my relation to space is obsessive and the immediate needs ‘minimal’ conditions. I also use film as a medium of framing a situation, in which everything involved is performing.

Amsterdam, 2018